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We understand the need for repairs without breaking the bank. We offer Financing options to people and companies like you. Read more about our Financing options or contact us!

What we do

A/C Maintenance

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning: Over time, dust and worn parts lower the efficiency of your A/C system and increase the risk of problems. Scheduling regular preventive maintenance for your furnace and air conditioner can improve the lifetime of these units by up to 48% and prevent yearly losses of up to 15% in heating and cooling efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance

Our professionals also help with wood decking repairs and we offer all types of replacement procedures, no matter how large the damage may appear on the vehicle itself. 

Tires: New and Used

We know how important downtime is and that is why we are dedicated to making sure that we handle every aspect of the trailer repair or replacement process as carefully and accurately as possible to keep you up and running.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Call us for a quick response 24 hours roadside service, weather minor or major issue. We can help!

Call: 915-270-0626


Using the latest in diagnostic equipment to quickly diagnose your Detroit, Cummins, Cat, Caterpillar and most major engine brands

Body work

We can do body work from a bumper to any mayor accident on semi-trucks and trailers.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Call us for a quick response 24 hours roadside service, whether minor or major issues. We can help!

Call 915-270-0626

Why we are different

Vinson Truck and Trailer Repair started with the vision of providing the best source of heavy duty service in the El Paso area for truck drivers and trucking industry carriers. Our mission is to provide truck drivers and carriers with easy, reliable, and fast access to service the greater El Paso area.


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